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Plants use a special biological material to help them absorb and circulate water.

This material is called nanocellulose, and its hydrophilic, or super water-absorbant. 

While performing research at the University of Massachusett-Amherst, Dr. Yinyong Li and Dr. Kenneth Carter discovered that they could use nanocellulose's water-absorbant property to solve a big problem.  

Yinyong and Carter discovered that nanocellulose can be coated on any surface to actively absorb and prevent fog! And that's how FogKicker was born.  

FogKicker uses advanced biopolymers found in plants to prevent fog. 

Soon they transformed FogKicker from a formula in the lab to a high-performance anti-fog solution, and released the first FogKicker product to the market in November 2016.

The FogKicker Dive Mask De-fog

We are harnessing nature's super powers to make amazing new products and technology that change the world. 


FogKicker is part of the product portfolio of Kyttarinic Technologies.

and is proudly made in the U.S.A.


FogKicker is a product from the labs of Kyttarinic Technologies, a Massachusetts based biotech company. Our company is harnessing nature's super powers to make amazing products and technology that change the world. 


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