36 bottles of FogKicker Dive Mask De-fog with 1 water edition counter display included. The FogKicker Dive Mask De-fog Bottle contains 4.5 mL of the patent-pending FogKicker Water Sports Formula, for use on scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming masks and goggles. A single coating can prevent fog for multiple dives and swims. The FogKicker Water Sports Formula uses advanced biopolymers to prevent fog; it's 10x more water resistant than any other anti-fog on the market. It won't rinse off in the water, and keeps preventing fog dive after dive, swim after swim. The bottle works like a marker, and the solution coats on clear and dries in minutes.


Directions for use are the following:

1. Clean and dry lenses before applying, and apply 30 minutes-1 hour before diving

2. Take off the cap

3. Twist bottom to release 8-10 drops onto mask lenses, 2-4 drops for swim goggles

4. Brush tip to cover entire surface of lenses with thin coating

5. Rest mask on flat surface and let coating dry thoroughly before use. To re-apply repeat steps 1-5.


Full directions are printed on the bottle. Each bottle contains approximately 10 coatings for dive masks and 15-20 coatings for swim goggles.

FogKicker Dive Mask De-fog Display Case

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  • FogKicker Anti-fog Markers each contain 4.5 mL of FogKicker Water Sports Formula. Here's how the markers work: 


    1. Clean lenses with wet cloth and dry before applying

    2. Take off the cap and twist the bottom to release 8-10 drops onto the inside of scuba mask lenses, or 2-4 drops onto swimming goggle

    3. Brush tip to cover entire surface of lenses with thin coating of solution

    4. Set lenses down on flat surface and let dry for 20 minutes before use


    Full directions printed on markers. Each marker is good for at least 10 applications, depending on size of lenses being coated. Shelf life is approximately 1 year.  


    MSRP: $8/bottle

    MAP: $8/bottle


FogKicker is a product from the labs of Treaty Biotech, a biotech company based in Springfield, Massachusetts. Our company is harnessing nature's super powers to make amazing products and technology that change the world. 


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