Combo pack includes 1 bottle of FogKicker Scrub & Cleaner, and 1 bottle of FogKicker Dive Mask Defog. Perfect combo for new masks and new divers. See package for directions of use. The FogKicker Scrub & Cleaner makes treating new masks fast and easy, and also works great for keeping old masks clean and clear. A single coating of the FogKicker Dive Mask Defog prevents fog 5-10 dives, exclusively for dive & snorkel masks, and swim goggles. Biodegradable, non-irritating, and reef safe.

FogKicker Scrub & Defog Combo Pack

SKU: 869267000297


    FogKicker is a product from the labs of Kyttarinic Technologies, a Massachusetts based biotech company. Our company is harnessing nature's super powers to make amazing products and technology that change the world. 


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