The FogKicker Sport & Safety Eyewear Anti-fog for sport and safety glasses, goggles, helmet visors, shields, and helmets. (excluding eyeglasses and swim/scuba/snorkel goggles)


  • Single coating can prevent fog for up to a week
  • Perfect for motorcycle helmet, shooting goggles, motocross, airsoft, paintball, hockey visors, racquetball, and squash ball goggles
  • Coats on clear and dries in minutes
  • Biodegradable
  • Not recommended for scuba masks and swim goggles
  • Avoid using in extreme freezing conditions


Directions for use are the following:

1. Clean and dry lenses before applying

2. Take off the cap

3. Twist bottom to release 2-6 drops onto goggles, 5-10 drops for visors, masks, and helmets. 

4. Brush tip to cover entire surface of lenses with thin coating

5. Rest eyewear on flat surface and let coating dry thoroughly before use.

6. To re-apply repeat steps 1-5.

FogKicker Sport & Safety Eyewear Anti-fog